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The De-Bug frame is constructed using #316L Stainless Steel tubing which is a higher grade than standard "marine grade" stainless.

Now Available with Roleez tires.

Chair width is ~33.5 inches to access a 36 inch doorway and is ~26 inches wide with the optional interchangeable pool wheels.

Height of the chair from the floor to the seat is ~22" or fewer dependant on tire air pressure.

Castering rear wheels are ~13 inches in diameter, and are ~6 inches in width. Wheel hubs are made from poly-nylon material to eliminate salt water corrosion.

The rear suspension casters and articulates +/- ~20 degrees, allowing all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across uneven terrain, making it much more stable than standard outdoor wheelchairs.

The comfortable sling seating system material is made from Phiffertex tm. which has an U.V. inhibitor

Armrests are easily removable for lateral transfers.

All standard size De-Bug chairs are designed to support up to 350 pounds. Larger weight capacities can be accommodated for a nominal fee.

 We encourage you to compare.  Try this chair side by side with ANY other manufacturer's product at any price and make a truly informed decision.

*The De-Bug is the finest outdoor chair available, designed by people who know.
 It simply can not be beat for comfort, maneuverability, ride stability,
self-propulsion and your enjoyment.

Call for a seating chart if you have specific seating requirements or questions about  your chair.  

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