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Whether your heart yearns for a fun-filled stroll along the beach, in the woods or by the river, we are excited about providing you with a product that will change your life.

Since De-Bug was first brought on the market in 1994 hundreds of disabled people have been helped to enjoy nature again, without being confined to the hard-paved areas or packed trails. Karen and Mike Deming, chair users themselves, found how limiting a standard wheelchair could be when they wanted to enjoy the beach with family and friends, so they set out to develop a chair that would allow users to go on soft sand, uneven ground, and even forest floors.

I am proud to work with Karen and Mike. I have worked in various aspects of the beach resort field. I have worked with resort home owners to prepare their homes for visit from friends and family, and I have worked with real estate companies to prepare vacation homes for rental. Since 2000 I have worked with my brother running Marianne Linen Rental (started by our mom, Marianne in 1984), we provide bed linens, bath and beach towels, baby equipment and beach equipment to the visitors here in Virginia Beach. The one thing that I have noticed is that older peeople and those with disabilities are not able to get down to the beach to enjoy the sun and fun with their family. I have been looking for a quality wheelchair that could manage the sand while standing up to the damaging salt. On a cruise to the Caribbean, I saw they were using wheelchairs with the big Rollez wheels: upon closer inspection I saw the stainless steel construction. After talking to Karen and Mike I was sold, I convinced my brother that we had to have these for the rental company. I was amazed when Karen told me that no one in the Mid-Atlantic area carried these chairs so I decided to make them available for sale.

Katie Schmitz
Virginia Beach, VA

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